2nd & Charles book haul


While we were waiting for a local mall to open, we saw a sign that said books, music, games.  We couldn’t not go in.  So one hour later we emerged from 2nd & Charles with all these books and numerous CD’s.  It was such a fun and successful surprise.  I even found out that they […]


A Fall Hike


I love when the weather here in the south finally feels like fall!  We decided to take advantage of it and go hiking.  We picked a couple of easy trails, took a couple snacks and water and left. They get to follow the signs and see which way we have to go.  Each trail is […]


Our Curriculum 2015/2016


Our Curriculum Choices 2015/2016 Language Arts Zaner Bloser 2C– Copywork sentences in the beginning half of the book and we will eventually move onto the introduction to cursive in the second half Spelling Workout B-we worked on starting AAS 2 the second half of 1st grade and we just weren’t feeling it like the AAS1 […]


Homeschool Room 2015

homeschool room

We are getting ready for the new school year and moving a few things around to make it work for us this year.  Here a quick look at our main setup.  Both kids desks are facing each other giving lots of space for colors and crafts.  They both have workboxes that we use 80% of […]


Mid Year Curriculum check

1st readers

I don’t know about you but about way through a school year I always end up re-evaluating our curriculum.  I try to figure out what is and what isn’t working for us. We finished AAS 1 and will probably start AAS 2 after the first of the year. I ended up ordering Bookshark Readers grade […]


Reading Eggs Review


We decided to give Reading Eggs a try.  I signed Little Lady up for a special 60 day free trail.  The first few days she wouldn’t stop playing/learning on it.  It taught her quickly she had to finish the entire word before she clicked the answer!  I loved that.  It was great that she could […]


The Hardest Thing


Homeschooling is rewarding, challenging, exciting and exhausting.  On a good day we can get our work done quickly and actually finish.  Sometimes we can even finish a few days at a time.  When we fell into this lifestyle I had no idea what would be the hardest part of it all.  The thought that I would be responsible […]




I joked with my husband the other day that our socializing is getting in the way of our schooling!  We have a full schedule, its challenging at times but after almost 2 months I feel like I am getting a handle on it.  Little Lady has been taking dance for 4 years and is now […]


Planning Printables

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.27.49 PM

I don’t know about you but there is something about putting pen to paper that I love.  I made these quick printables to help me keep track of things.  I just have them printed and hole punched in my teachers binder, but you can easily laminate them and re-use them every year. Curriculum Choices-download I […]


Botanical Gardens Homeschool Day


We are members of the Botanical Gardens and decided to attend their homeschool day.  They had a tour of the gardens where we learned about different plants and got to see a botanist working.  We tried vanilla jelly beans after learning that the Vanilla Bean comes from an orchid!  It takes a very long time […]


Zoo Homeschool Classes


Over the last couple weeks we have been settling into our new routine for this school year, or at least this semester.  Let me say I don’t know what I was thinking!  Really we are having fun being out of the house so much but it has taken some adjusting and the school work has […]


We got Rich


Well maybe not rich but we did come home with quite a few flecks of gold and a ton of beautiful gemstones that we paned our selves!  Our co-op took a trip to Dahlonega to visit a gold mine.  We took a tour and got to see one of the only working Stamp Mill’s in the […]